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Rio Grande Village RV Campground – Big Bend National Park

We love Big Bend National Park. Lots of hiking opportunities and lots of nature, wildlife, and great scenery. The park is full of roadrunners and coyotes. All that’s missing is an anvil (he, he…a little Roadrunner humor).

If you are heading west out of the National park then be sure to stop by Terlingua, a cute little ghost town and the home to two Chilli Cook-offs!

Campground: Rio Grand Village RV Campground
Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas
Site: 3
Cost: $26
Services: FHU
Comments: A tightly packed campground park right on the Rio Grande with beautiful scenery. It is actually tucked way inside the National Park and has more of a feel of an RV park but being inside the park means better access to all the great hiking trails. There are lots of coyotes hanging around just waiting for someone to walk their little dog.
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Big Bend National Park

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