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Candlestick RV Park – San Francsico, California

RV Park: Candlestick RV Park
Location: San Francisco, California
Site: 45
Cost: $99
Services: FHU
Comments: A typical city RV Park right, I mean right next to Candlestick Park. You can wake up in the morning and look at the entrance to Candlestick Park while still in bed, something I never thought I would be doing. The RV Park offers a free shuttle to/from downtown San Francisco, perfect.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Those Young Guys at the Golden Gate
Parked by the Golden Gate Bridge. Try that with a Big Rig?

Did a nice trip to Muirwoods also and took a nice long hike! Had not been there in years! The trees are still tall!

Those Young Guys at Muir Woods
Bigger than a Redwood? At Muir Woods National Monument

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