Another adventure. Drove from Squamish, British Columbia south heading towards Olympic National Park when, in Bellingham, we had a transmission fluid leak. ON EASTER SUNDAY in the freaking pouring rain. We quickly pulled over just before the engine died in the middle of the parking lot (not in a parking space but in the drive) of an old folks home packed with visitors on Easter Sunday. We never thought we could get a tow at 4pm that day in the pouring rain but lo and behold after a few hours of waiting they showed up. All they could do was tow us to the closest Dodge (Freightliner) Dealer in town (which closes the gates at 5pm). We made it just in the nick of time and spent the night in the parking lot and were up by opening time and they quickly serviced our vehicle and we were on our way. Another place I thought I would never spend the night in, a car dealership.
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Those Young Guys - Bellingham

Hooking up at the old folks home on Easter Sunday in the pouring rain

Bellingham Tow

Arriving at the Chrysler Dodge dealer in Bellingham

Those Young Guys

It was a long rainy night