Subi & The 5

Party in Ohio and Lake Time in Tennessee

We headed to Ohio to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday. We had a great party for her where we rented a banquet hall and invited friends and family and “roasted” her. It was great fun, she loved it, and we all had lots of laughs and good family time visits!

Then we headed on south to Tennessee to put the motorhome in storage for a few months. We thought we might as well drive as far south now as we can to save a long drive across country in mid winter!  We were lucky enough to have family that offered up a storage place at Norris Lake in Tennessee so off we went. Thank you very much to my “older” brother!

We stopped at Love’s in Corbin, Ky and found our new toad?

Loves Smart care
Our next toad?

We got all tucked in nicely in the hangar in Tennessee and then got to spend a few days on the boat enjoying the beautiful, crisp fall and fantastic weather at Norris Lake. A beautiful place.

Off on a plane…back to pick you up in January! Toodles!


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