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Suwanee River State Park – Live Oak, Florida

Whew…we finally made it to Florida. We had been driving from Tennessee and on through Georgia knowing darn well there was a huge ice storm on on heels. It was about 12 hours behind us or less and we knew we needed to get out of there and we did. Boy were we glad. Thanks to my brother for giving us a heads up and telling us to high tail it south as quick as we could. It was hit or miss for awhile but we made it.   Jan 8-13, 2011 Blizzard.

We stopped at the Florida Welcome Station and had our requisite orange juice (a tradition since I was a baby) and on to Suwanee River in time for some relaxation after several days of high weather stress! Welcome to a lovely campground out in the middle of nowhere with terrific big trees and of course, the river, that you can wander all over the trails and get lost. AND more importantly NO ICE!  We read that people were actually ice skating on the streets of Atlanta within 24 hours of us driving through there.

Campground: Suwanee River State Park
Location: Live Oak, Florida
Site: 14
Cost: $23.98
Services: FHU
Comments: Lovely treed park, 50AMP, great hiking, along the Suwanee River with jumping fish. Really!
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Suwanee River State Park
Site 14
Suwanee River State Park
Lovely hiking trails


  1. Glad you wrote this up! We’re searching for a place in this vicinity for an over night stay. Now we’re deciding to stay 2 nights to take advantage of the hiking!

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