Our family emergencies subsided a bit but we still needed to stay in town, just in case. So we thought we venture a bit further away for a few days of rest and relaxation (or so we thought).

Campground: Lost Dutchman State Park
Location: Apache Junction, Arizona
Site: 62
Cost: $16
Services: Dry camp
Comments: A beautiful state park, even though it is the city or near a big city, with great hiking trails up the mountains. A bit of too much aircraft visibility and noise for our tastes but it is still a lovely setting. Plus quite a few friends staying in nearby Gold Canyon!
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

There are some beautiful trails to hike while at Lost Dutchman. We decided to first hike straight up the mountains. We headed over to the Superstition Mountains and took the trailhead up and up and up. There are gorgeous views from up there even though it was an overcast sky that day.  We took another hike through the campground and back around the flat lands admiring all the cactus. A beautiful place yet close to an urban area.

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