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City of Rocks State Park – New Mexico

We love City of Rocks since we love to hike and love to climb around rocks in a maze. Simply beautiful.

While there we were checking out one of our many RV bloggers that we follow,, we saw a picture of our rig at this park, now.  Sure enough, Linda and Howard had pulled in the night before and had gone around taking pictures of sites. We went over and surprised them.  We had run into them a few months ago in Borrego Springs and now, again, here.  It was cold, blustery, and pretty miserable out so we ended up having them over for drinks and stayed inside.  We spent hours talking RV stuff and traveling. Lots of fun! We quite enjoy them. If you need any tips on starting to full-time then check out their website. They have tons of information on full-timing AND offer some pretty cool seminars and get-togethers.

Campground: City of Rocks State Park
Location: Deming, New Mexico
Site: 17
Cost: $12.12
Services: Dry camp
Comments: A great park with a fantastic remote site with fantastic views. Hiking abounds through the rocks and up the mountain in this wonderful park.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

City of Rocks State Park New Mexico
Entrance to City of Rocks State Park – the campsite are nestled in the rocks ahead
City of Rocks State Park New Mexico
Entrance to the Pegasus campground
City of Rocks Those Young Guys
Site 17

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