We really enjoyed our time at this wonderful national monument. We had read mixed reviews about this place and were a bit unsure but ended up absolutely loving this place.  The hiking was terrific and we enjoyed the campground. We got the permit to hike to Dripping Springs one day and it was fabulous. We had a reservation for the Quitobaquito hike and arrived and spent almost an hour with the initiation talk and preparations with the rangers and then at the last minute it was cancelled. Seems that the rangers who sweep the border area had been called to Search & Rescue and were unable to prepare the Springs for us ahead of time. So sad and so sorry. Ranger Betty was great.

Campground: Twin Peaks Campground
Location: Organ Pipe National Monument
Site: 96
Cost: $6
Services: Dry camp
Comments: A beautiful place. We were camped on the west part of the park and thought the east part would provide better views. Still it was a large campsite and offered great views.
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Those Young Guys - Organ Pipe National Monument

Site 96

And all the great cacti in the park.

Organ Pipe National Monument Arizona

Great cacti everywhere you look