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Robolights – Palm Springs, California


The largest residential light display is the US, called “Robolights” by Kenny Irwin, Jr. is located in Palm Springs. Mr. Irwin has been working on his robotic sculptures since 1986 when he was 12 years old. He has continued his efforts, creating over 250 sculptures out of every day recycled items and added over 8,000,000 lights to provide a seasonal holiday light display that is out of this world, literally. There are robots, UFOs, aliens, lots of lights, and lots of fun.  This display is well worth the visit. But it is only open from around Thanksgiving to just after New Years and only in the evenings. If you go before it gets dark you get the great pleasure of studying the sculptures to really see all the work and materials that went into them. Stay around long enough to see all the lights and your world will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Mr. Irwin is an inspiration to us all, he is full of creativity, and obviously, he has worked hard over the years to provide us a special glimpse into his robotic world. A delight.



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