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SKP KOFA Ko-op Retreat – Yuma, AZ (Members Only)

KOFA Ko-op is an Escapees members only RV park about 8 miles south of Yuma out in the agricultural fields. We really don’t like staying at an RV Park in the city unless we have to so we decided to head a bit further south and try out this RV Park. We only recently became Escapees members. Our decision to join was based solely on wanting a mail forwarding company with a great reputation and the Escapees club seemed to have one. Let me know otherwise!!!!

We have been using FMCA mail forwarding for many years and loved their outstanding service. As of this past fall FMCA has stopped this business and the company we are with now is less than stellar. So Escapees here we come!!

So we thought we would check out one of the 11 co-ops that Escapees members can stay at and since we were in the Yuma area then the KOFA Ko-op was our first stay.

The KOFA Ko-op entrance is less than impressive but who really cares about that. The main point here is that the entrance sign is very small and very easy to miss but since there really is nothing around you can still see a bunch of RVs so BINGO. You enter on a paved road which runs along an agricultural field. Yay, that means a low level of noise, potentially.


At first there was some difficulty with finding an available spot for a night as they are all first come first serve basis (except if you have a reservation – have fun figuring that one out) but no need to worry as they do have an overflow lot for $7.50 a night with full access to amenities. What that really means is you are granted 30 minutes use of the Wi-Fi but you can help yourself to the pool, laundry facilities, and shower. There is only one shower for 150 some sites so keep that in mind.

KOFA Ko-op Yuma AZ Drycamp
KOFA Ko-op drycamp parking area


But they did manage to find a site for us so off we went. The sites are separated by a low brick wall which helps the aesthetics some but adds nothing for privacy. The sites are a bit wider than in your typical RV park and maybe about half of the park is park models.



RV Park: SKP KOFA Ko-op Retreat
Location:  South of Yuma about 8  miles
Site:  14
Cost: $20 (plus electricity)
Services:  FHU (but you can’t use your washing machine)
Comments: An acceptable RV park south of Yuma out of the hubub of the city.


We had planned that after boondocking for so long that some hookups would do the trick for hot showers, laundry, vacuuming, etc. But, lo and behold, after checking in and getting settled they told us (and it is written) that you cannot use your motorhome washing machine or dishwasher due to septic issues. Hmmmppffff… At least we got to vacuum.  We struggled a bit with understanding why we could not use our washing machine. We thought if our sewer line was closed and we ran the washing machine and eventually dumped (in our own site or even at their dump station) what difference does it make if the grey water came from our washing machine or our shower or our sink?  We could understand if they wanted you to try and conserve water as we are all for that (but we would still use the water in their laundry) or to conserve electricity (but we are paying separately for electricity) but because of the sewer?  Dumping x gallons of grey water is dumping x gallons of grey water regardless of the source.  We were confused but we obeyed the rules like good little soldiers.


The laundry has only 6 washers and 6 dryers for the 150 plus sites. This meant long waits and long lines. Not ideal. I would rather be back in the rig doing laundry and getting other chores done. Oh well. Lesson learned, a question I never thought of asking in 8 years of RV traveling and you come upon full hookups, you have to ask if you can actually use them.

And, on the up side, they do sell propane in the park at a smoking (no pun intended) deal. You do have to unhook and drive to the propane area and it is only offered a few days a week but it was well worth it!!!

Nice people, beautiful sunsets, howling coyotes at night, and a bit, just a bit, of loud music/dog barking/cigarette smoking from the neighbors (next to the park).

We had a wonderful time in the area and loved being out in the agricultural fields and surrounded NOT by the city.

Yuma AZ KOFA Ko-op
Sunset at KOFA Ko-op


  1. Thanks for all the tips! We were thinking of trying to get in there for our Yuma stay. Might try somewhere else now.

    Love your header! I keep forgetting to mention:)

    1. Yes, we have heard good things about the one in Benson so I think we need to try it sometime. As for the one in Yuma, well, to each their own. The people living there absolutely love it but I guess we all like different things.

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