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Agave Gulch RV Park – Tucson, AZ

Agave Gulch - Tucson, AZ
View of boneyard from RV park

If you are military/retired military and you need to be in or near Tucson then this place is a great place to stay.  A nice, neat, RV park with great views right in the heart of Tucson.

Agave Gulch - Tucson, AZ
Entrance inside base

Campground: Agave Gulch RV Park
Location: Davis Monthan Air Force Base – Tucson, Arizon
Site: 221 (pull-thru)
Cost: $25
Services: FHU
Comments: A fabulous RV park right in the heart of the boneyard, almost. Fabulous views of aircraft. My hubby could not be happier. AND we were parked right next to our generous friends who hosted us there. It can not get any better.


The RV park is nicely manicured and quite peaceful especially for an area near a runway and interstates. A lovely place. Thanks Steve and Winnie!

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