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Salmon Lake State Park – Seeley Lake, Montana


During the past weeks we have experienced a variety of weather patterns. We have had wind, rain, hail, hot weather, high humidity, and enough mosquitoes to last a lifetime. Central Alberta has been getting its share of rain this summer which means the bugs were out. But after we arrived in southern Alberta the weather turned hot and dry with a minimal infestation of insects. Now it was time to head to Montana into the Rockies where the weather was much cooler and bug free. Hiking and biking seem so much easier when you aren’t battling hot, humid weather, and the air is not close.

We returned to the United States via the Coutts, Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana border and continued south on I-15 and then cut over at Conrad and headed to Choteau.  The town of Choteau is quaint and charming and friendly. Egg Mountain lies to the south of Choteau and is the location of the world’s first discovery of dinosaur embryos.  There area is rich in egg, baby, and adult dinosaur fossils. A paleontologists’ dream!


From Choteau we continued south to Hwy 200 which took us to Salmon Lake State Park. Hwy 200 sits on the eastern range of the Rocky Mountains and is a beautiful drive with lovely hills and countryside.


Campground: Salmon Lake State Park
Location: About 8 miles south of the town of Seeley Lake on Hwy 83
Site: 7
Cost: $34
Services: Electric (50AMP)
Comments: A charming and wooded campground along the shores of Salmon Lake with some back-in sites and a few pull-thrus.  Sites 22 and 23 are off by themselves and are tent sites right on the water. They will make you want to sell your motorhome and get a tent as fast as you can, a true campers paradise.


The campground is small but easily navigable with a big rig. Sites are a bit close together but some provide some nice picnic areas with space and nice views of trees and the lake in the distance.


There is a hiking trail along the lake shore which starts at the campground by site 10. It leads to the swimming beach and boat launch area. A great way to get out and stretch your legs after a long days drive.


  1. Looks lovely! I visited Montana about 4 years ago but didn’t explore it enough. We’re planning a revisit to Yellowstone next season and should head north after that.

    1. Montana has so many great places to explore and a little bit of everything from the mountains and lakes to the ranch lands. Enjoy!

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