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1000 Islands/Kingston KOA – Kingston, Ontario

We drove from Quebec City to Kingston, Ontario taking the Highway 30 bypass around Montreal. Highway 30 goes over Grand Ile where you first cross a 2.5 km bridge over the Beauharnois Canal and then a 1.8 km bridge over the St. Lawrence River (toll)  followed by a 100m  tunnel under the Soulange Canal. It was a quick, easy journey over the bridges and through the tunnel during non rush hour.  The toll for our RV and tow vehicle was approximately $3 CAD. Pretty soon we were in Ontario on our way to Kingston.


There aren’t many RV Parks or campgrounds in this part of Ontario so beggers can’t be choosers. There is one other RV Park in the Kingston area that doesn’t show online availabilty and are more seasonal. So, this is where we stayed so we could have close proxmity to friends and family. It worked out fine although it is quite expensive but it is a Holiday KOA which tends to be more of a destination RV park rather than an overnighter.


RV Park: 1000 Islands/Kingston KOA
Location: Kingston, Ontario (Northwest area)
Cost: $94 (CAD)
Site: E10 (pull thru)
Services: E./W
Comments: A typical RV park with long, level sites and a lots of activities for families since it is a Holiday KOA.  It was a few miles north of the main highway so it was quiet and peaceful yet only minutes to town. It worked out well for us since we were gone most of the time.


KOA did offer a variety of activities including pancake breakfasts and a fake paddleboat that would drive around the RV park picking up kids (and adults) and take them for rides.



We have been to Kingston countless times and Norm even lived there but we made the rounds anyway with going doing memory lane and visiting friends.

Cataraqui Cemetery

First stop was Cataraqui Cemetery to visit a dear friend who recenlty passed. It was sad to see but it is a beautiful cemetery with a gorgeous setting.


Around Town

We took a quick drive down memory lane before spending time with our friends. It brought back lots of memories.


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