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The Lost Alaskan – Alpine, Texas

Alpine, Texas.! The last time we were here has been maybe ten years ago when someone we were traveling with developed gall stones while we were at Big Bend State Park. Where is the closest hospital (according to the rangers), well it’s Alpine. So we made a bee line to Alpine dodging tarantulas crossing the highway almost the entire way! By the time we made it to Alpine the person was better so we just parked in the hospital parking lot for a few hours to make sure and then went on our way. No more problems!

And now we are back but with no need to go to the hospital. It was cold and windy so we stopped at a relatively new RV park called The Lost Alaskan. We feel lost too so we fit right in!

RV Park: The Lost Alaskan
Location: Alpine, Texas (north of town and very close to the hospital)
Site: C3 (pull thru)
Cost: $32.36
Services: FHU (50AMP)
Comments: A nice, neat, well maintained RV park. The office staff were very nice and accommodating although their credit card printing machine ran out of paper and they didn’t know how to refill it. Out came the manual and eventually they had to go get the office manager. At least they let us go on to our site and get hooked up until they could fix the problem and then they brought the credit card slip to us to sign. It worked.

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