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Dome Rock BLM – Quartzsite, Arizona

We departed Borrego Springs heading to Quartzsite, Arizona. We took Borrego Springs Rd (10% grade) to Highway 78 east through Ocotillo Wells to Brawley with great views of fighter jets flying in formation in the sky along with all the agricultural fields and workers. It was a foggy morning. We even passed through the Republic of Slowjamastan and really needed to stop for a photo but visas are required!! We need a Slowjamastan passport!!!

Further east of Brawley along Highway 78 is the small community of Glamis. There is not much in the area but it still draws thousands of recreational visitors to ride the dunes in the Algodones Dunes and the associated Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

We continued on to south of Blythe, stopped for a lunch break, and on over the Colorado River to Arizona and on to Quartzsite.

Dome Rock Mountain is a free short term BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping (14 day) area about 3 miles west of Quartzsite, Arizona. There are no facilities here therefore no fees for camping but there are wide opens space and great vistas of the mountains and views of the desert. Dome Rock is close enough to Quartzsite to be able to enjoy the amenities yet there is so much public land here that, if you are willing to make the drive, you can get back far enough away from other campers and the highway to make it worth your while.

We weren’t staying long so we choose an area away from others but still somewhat close to the road. A storm had rolled into Southern California and was now headed for Quartzsite so we had a bit of cloudy skies and some wind but we still enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

We took a long walk around the area and noticed quite a few available areas to park and camp. Many places have rock fire rings which can be utilized and some of the views are incredible.

We have camped in various BLM camping areas around Quartzsite including LaPosa, Plomosa Rd, Hi Jolly Rd, and Dome Rock and enjoy all of them.


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