We are staying at the campground at Cape Disappointment State Park and spent quite a number of days exploring the area.

Cape Disappointment State Park has a variety of activities within close proximity to Ilwaco and Long Beach on the Long Beach Peninsula along with all the activities within the State Park itself. Not only is there endless hiking on both the beach and the trails there are also 2 wonderful lighthouses to visit.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse are both part of the state park. Cape Disappointment Lighthouse was the first to be built and lies just inside the mouth of the Columbia River but some ships were unable to see it so another lighthouse was built just north of the mouth of the river and it is called, rightly so, North Head Lighthouse. Both make wonderful day trips to experience a bit of the nautical navigation that exists in this magnificent area of the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River.

Cape Disappointment State Park Washington

North Head Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment State Park Washington

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

There is also the North Jetty which is at the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River where you can find lots of fishermen, sealife, and fantastic views. Just remember to not turn your back on the sea as the waves can come crashing over on top of you. The jetty has a parking area along with sand dunes and the jetty.

Cape Disappointment State Park Washington

North Jetty

Another lovely area of the state park is Wakiki Beach.  This beach offers an excellent view of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and has lots of driftwood. I believe this area is known to have summer concerts. What a beautiful backdrop that would be.

Cape Disappointment State Park Washington

Waikiki Beach

Up on the cliffs, about 200 feet high, next to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse is the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center which details the journey of Lewis and Clark from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Not only does it have outstanding views from high up on the cliff but it is an extremely interesting source of the Lewis and Clark adventure. We could have spent all day there.

o the north of the Columbia River

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Cape Disappointment State Park is one of our favorite state parks not only because of the great campground but also due to all the outdoor activities and interesting history that goes along with this gem of a park.