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Morefield Campground – Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde NP - Morefield Campground
Morefield Campground as seen from Prater Ridge Trail

Morefield Campground resides inside Mesa Verde National Park about 4 miles from the entrance to the park. You climb approximately 1,000 feet up a steep grade with sharp dropoffs and fabulous views. Not for the weak of heart. Once at the top you are on a beautiful mesa. The campground has a nice campground store area with a souvenir shop, small grocery store, restaurant, laundry, showers (FREE), and a gas station. The gas station has similar prices to those in nearby towns. The first time we have seen a National Park that doesn’t try to gouge the tourists with their high prices. They even offer diesel. If we had known the prices we would have filled there.

Mesa Verde NP - Morefield Campground Registration Area
View of the campground store, check in area, gas station, restaurant, laundry, and showers

The campground itself is spread over 4 loops and over 250 dry camping sites. There are 15 Full Hookup sites that you can reserve in advance. Their literature says the campground rarely fills up. Some of the blog reviews we read were not very positive about the campground using words such as not maintained, old, tired, etc. (just like me). We can see what they were trying to say as you will see by the photos but we found the campground to be lovely. Yes, many of the sites are short due to both the size and to the fact that they have placed concrete blocks in the sites so you cannot back your vehicle up any further. The bad news is some sites were unlevel and short and narrow and the good news is that they have hundreds of sites to choose from so more than likely you will find something that suits your fancy.

Morefield Campground map
Morefield Campground map

Campground: Morefield Campground
Location: Mesa Verde National Park – Cortez, Colorado
Site: Apache Loop – 371
Cost: $15 (that’s 50% off with interagency pass)
Services: dry camping
Comments: A somewhat tired looking campground but with beautiful views, peace and quiet, surrounded by nature, terrific WiFi, and easy proximity to the cliff dwellings and museum. Showers at the camp store were free. The site post tags for denoting if the site was reserved/taken were white with big lettering for the end date. This was terrific for viewing when driving around the campground looking for a site. We wish all campgrounds would use these instead of the small tags with minuscule writing that requires you to get out of your vehicle and put on your readers to read!


Since the campground is so big it was difficult to take photos of all sites so I just did a few to give a feel for the campground.


Heading out of the park, down the hill.

Mesa Verde National Park
Heading down the 4 mile stretch from the campground to the park entrance

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