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Crystal Lake – Salton City, California

Salton Sea
View of Salton Sea from our campsite

We were invited by some friends (other Alfa Owners) to come join them as they camped near a beach off Crystal Lake Ave along Salton Sea at an abandoned RV park where they is ample space for dry camping.  The beach and the sea is just in the distance and only a few other campers are in the area.

Campground:  An old abandoned RV park between West Shores RV Park and the Golf Course.
Location: Salton City, California – Crystal Lake Ave
Site: NA
Cost: $0
Services: None
Comments: An OK place to meet up with friends, watch the Superbowl, watch the Personal Power Gliders (PPGs), fly your Remote Controlled Aircraft or Drone (be sure to register), and get caught up. Just be prepared to abandon ship when the wind blows in the wrong direction due to the dead fish smells. We had a great time. Thanks to Irene and Armand for giving us a belly full of laughs!


Many fliers with PPGs were in the area flying around (around 70 of them) so you can spend the days watching them fly or just walk along the beach. And you can fly your  RC plane here also.


There is a Nature Trail/Bird Sanctuary next to the park along with a honor system Golf Course.


Yes, the area can be quite smelly from the dead fish but it all depends on how the wind blows. And it was well worth it to meet up with some great people!



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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing! (The odor is hydrogen sulphide gas that gets released from the sediment as the wind churns the water).

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