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Lost Dutchman State Park – Apache Junction, Arizona


Campground: Lost Dutchman State Park
Location: Apache Junction, Arizona
Site: 31 (pull thru)
Cost: $30
Services: W/E (50AMP)
Comments: A nice campground with terrific views and great hiking trails.


The state park is situated right next to Tonto National Forest and offers lots of hiking trails that you can spend the day wandering around the mountains.


We even witnessed a few helicopter rescues from Search and Rescue from the Siphon Draw trail (Flatiron).


And, as usual, the sunsets were spectacular.


There was a rabies warning in the area while we visited. Apparently, there had a been a few dead foxes and one coyote that was confirmed with rabies. We made sure to stay aware and luckily we never encountered any rabid animals. We did see quite a few coyotes running around the park and of course, rabbits, along with birds and dogs!

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