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Angel Creek Campground – Wells, Nevada

We departed Ely, fueled up, and headed north through McGill and onto Wells.

We drove on to Angel Creek Campground, a Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest campground, about 15 minutes from Wells. The road to the campground from the main highway is not maintained (snow plowed) in the winter but there is no problem in the summer. The campground has great views of Greys Peak and Chimney Rock in the East Humboldt range.

Campground: Angel Creek Campground
Location: Wells, Nevada (about 10 miles southwest)
Site: 17 (back-in)
Cost: $11.16 (50% off with interagency pass)
Services: dry camping
Comments: A nice small campground in a valley with terrific views. It is well off the highway so there is no traffic noise. It was very quiet there and not many people or those that did come stayed just one night and moved on. We felt like we had the place to ourselves for most of the time.

We enjoyed our quiet days and evenings but it was very hot!!

There was quite a bit of cattle manure here and there so obviously they roam through the campground. On our last day one of them peered through the trees at us.

Sites 1 – 6 are first-come first-serve and are lined up in a row. Sites 7-15 are in another loop with site 16 by itself and are all reservable. Sites 17 and 18 are on up the hill by themselves and are both reservable. If a site isn’t reserved for the night then you can take it for just one night (self register). We thought site 16 (back-in) was the best site which offered the best views. Site 18 provided the most shade (but not great for solar).

The days were hot, sunny, and dry and every afternoon the wind picked up, the clouds came over, and the air cooled. By evening it was beautiful out.

It is a beautiful area and only about 4 miles from Angel Lake which will be in our next post.

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