Subi & The 5


“A picture is worth 1,000 words”
Welcome, we are Norm and Lisa!
Those Young Guys - Norm and Lisa

Our first motorhome:

We purchased a small motorhome (22′ Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit) in 2008 and began our journeys.

Those Young Guys Class B Leisure Travel Van
Our 22′ Class B Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit – Ingraham Trail, Northwest Territories

Our second motorhome:

In late 2010 we decided to grow up and we purchased a big rig (40′ Alfa See Ya).

Those Young Guys Class A Alfa See Ya
Our 40′ Class A 2004 Alfa See Ya – Naples, Florida

This brought about a new set of challenges with higher cost of fuel and more limitations on where we could park. We love the advantages of both sizes but kind of feel like Goldilocks, the small one is too small and the big one is too big.

Our third motorhome:

In 2019 we went out and bought a Class C, a Winnebago View 24D.

Those Young Guys - Winnebago View 24D
Subi and The D – Our Subaru and Winnebago View 24D

Our fourth motorhome:

In 2021, we sold our Winnebago and now have settled into life with our new Dynamax Isata 5 28SS. It is a bit bigger than the Winnebago but more importantly it has much more power and more space to store tools. What more could I ask for?

Our current motorhome

We also enjoying taking the motorcycle on journeys, along with bicycle rides, hiking, boating, skiing, basically anything that gets us outside and moving.

In the meantime, we have always documented our journeys, keeping tracking of RV Parks and campgrounds, mileage, fuel used, costs, and taking lots of photos. We use this website to continue tracking and sharing our journey.

Key for our Campground/RV Park Review Posts:

For those posts which reference campgrounds or RV parks we specify the cost per night that we paid including any reservation fee, tax, and/or discount such as Good Sam, Interagency Pass, etc.  All costs are in US Dollars unless otherwise specified. CAD refers to the Canadian Dollar.

For services, if we specify FHU that means Full HookUps which is electric, water, and sewer.
E is electric.
W is water.
Dry camping means no services.

When AMPs are listed for the campsite it will be denoted at the max they offered not necessarily what we used, i.e., if our rig only needed 30AMP (such as The View) then if the campsite offers 50AMP then 50AMP will be listed.

We have a Search item for Campground Maps which provides an image of the campground site maps which are not available online or are difficult to get.

All Images © 2004-2021 Lisa Kyle Young