Subi & The 5

We Purchased a New Class C Motorhome – Dynamax Isata 5 28SS

Our Next Adventure!!!!

Welcome to the Adventures of Subi and The 5!

Now that our Winnebago View 24D is gone, what next?

The Background

Before we purchased our Winnebago View 24 D we had looked at a few other types of RVs for downsizing. One of them that stoked our interest was the Dynamax Isata 5 30 FW (part of Forest River). The details of our thought process were elaborated on in our Winnebago View purchase post here.

In January 2019 we made an offer on the only 30FW that was available at that time that we could find in the country and it wasn’t accepted.  It was a barely used motorhome but they were asking more than new ones straight from the factory. Within 24 hours we had purchased the View. Fate?

The Concept Is Born

We had been following topics on the Forest River forum for a number of months and around Feb 2019 we read something that caught our eye!

A Short Isata 5 with All Time Bed

This forum was started and moderated by the GM, Brian Clemens, where he discussed his idea for a new RV and asked the public what features they were most interested in when considering a short RV.  He then consolidated their ideas into his design and turned them into a real world RV.

The Prototype Is Born

In typical Dynamax fashion it wasn’t long before those ideas were made concrete and a prototype was born. It was called the Dynamax Isata 5 28SS which was introduced at the 12th Annual Dealer Expo in September 2019 where Brian Clemens hosted a live FB video.

We, of course, watched it live and knew that we wanted this rig…one day.  The main goal of this RV was to provide a small diesel powered motorhome with an all time bed that was more suitable for all season use.  This included lots of solar power, more Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC), double pane windows and more insulation for winter and summer camping, private bedroom, insulated and heated utility bay, 4×4, etc.

It even won a few awards in 2019 for Top RV Debut (RV Business) and Best Of Show – New Unit (RV News).  We were extremely interested but it was still only a prototype with no firm delivery dates.  In the meantime, we enjoyed our View and traveled the country in it as happy as could be.  But the 28SS was still in the back of our minds.

We Viewed The Prototype

Eventually the 28SS went into production but we had yet to see it in person.  In early January 2020 someone mentioned on one of the forums that the prototype would be at the Tampa RV show in a few weeks and we thought, hey, we aren’t doing anything so let’s buzz to Florida and check it out. My brother and wife usually work at the Habitat for Humanity booth at the show and we could surprise them too! Before we went we thought we should really confirm with Dynamax that the 28SS WOULD be in Tampa. They replied quickly and said it was actually being shipped to a dealer in Phoenix and should arrive the following day. What? Sure enough, that dealer is about 15 minutes from our home. We thought a 15 minute drive was a bit quicker and more efficient than a 2,200 mile drive! So off we went to the local dealer to check out the prototype. We were sold!

Viewing the prototype in January 2020

Not too long after that COVID hit and businesses were shutting down not only in the US but around the world.  Brilliant as we are, we realized this was not the right time!  Dynamax eventually opened up again and started rolling units off the production line. At that time, and to this day, the 28SS needs to be ordered as they are rarely just sitting at a dealer ready for you to buy and drive away.

How long does it take from order until you receive it?  That’s the million dollar question and COVID certainly wasn’t helping matters. We kept The View and did some more traveling that summer of 2020 knowing darn well we would be ordering the 28SS some day.

We Bit The Bullet and Ordered

By fall of 2020 we bit the bullet and ordered the unit. We knew that with all the RV production delays throughout the country coupled with very high RV demand that it could be a long wait so we were prepared. We still had our View and could still go camping while we waited.

Our Unit Goes Into Production

After about 3 months of wait time our order got on the production line. YAY!! The champagne bottle was popped open!  It was finally beginning. 

Above photos are copyright Dynamax Corp

The average time on the production line seemed to be around 3 months but again, that all depended on 3rd party vendors and when they could make their deliveries. With such a demand for RVs and with some business shutting down or having a reduced work force then their products were not coming in on time. In the end our unit took about 5 months on the production line. Our holdup was awnings and slide toppers and a few other bits and pieces!!!

Above photos are copyright Dynamax Corp

Our Unit Is Delivered

But the day finally arrived and we received it!!! We can’t tell you how excited we were to get THE phone call! Thanks to Lazy Days and our salesman, Mike Turner, for such great customer service.

Norm and Lisa pick up their new RV!

Interior of the 28SS

Not only were we thrilled with Mike Turner but also everyone at Lazy Days. Having purchased RVs from RV Corral in Eugene, Oregon, Bretz RV in Missoula, Montana and La Mesa in Mesa, Arizona this turned out to be our best motorhome purchasing experience. All aspects of our purchase were extremely positive from our walk through employee, Irwin, to our Service representative, Chris, and to the Business Manager, Christina. Thanks to all of them!

Lisa and our salesman, Mike Turner, of Lazy Days Mesa

We got the Explorer package along with 2 stage front-air suspension, rear rock guard, theater seats (reclining, heating, massaging) and the Innomax mattress. Yes we are getting older and thought we could use a bit of luxury while camping especially after a long day of hiking (or reading).

Explorer package includes:

When they gave us the motorhome keys (2 sets) it included a USB stick with all the technical documentation. It is a little Dynamax!!

USB Stick

Why We Wanted the 28SS vs The View 24D

We were really sold on the idea of an all time bed but still wanted a small RV between 26’ –  32’. That combination is very difficult to find.

Even though the Murphy Bed in The View was easy to set up it still required the slide to be out to operate it and there was no separate bedroom with a door.

We also really wanted (OK, OK, my HUSBAND wanted) much more basement compartment storage space. He likes to bring tools along, air compressor, etc. and needs space for all his equipment.  The smaller RVs just don’t seem to have the basement space that the 28SS offers. Plus our folding chairs, which did not fit in View basement, now fit in the 28SS basement. No more hauling stuff around in the tow vehicle.

We wanted a more insulated RV to withstand the hotter and/or colder temperatures. With more insulation and dual pane windows, 2 A/C units, and 2 powerful Maxx Air fans we felt that the 28SS could provide a very comfortable indoor environment.

And one of the most important requirements was an RV with a more powerful engine that could climb the mountains more effectively with a tow vehicle. The 28SS fits the bill!

What We Gained over The View By Purchasing a 28SS

Small Motorhome – We stayed under our requirements of having a motorhome under 32’.  The 28SS measures out at 30’ 10”.   Perfect.

All time bed – The 28SS provides a RV Queen walk around bed, in a bedroom with a door, and no slide in the bedroom.

The Explorer Package – see details of The Explorer package above

Basement storage – the 28SS has 115 cubic feet basement storage compared to the View at 39 cubic feet and the 28SS rear storage area is a pass through with access from either side and from the back. Plus all the basement compartment doors open side to side instead of down to up which makes it much easier to get things in and out of.

Better insulation – the 28SS provides for more effective heating and cooling than the 28SS due to the Explorer package (insulated walls, floor, and roof, dual pane windows, heated utility compartment, curtain between cab and chassis for additional insulation) and 2 a/c systems and 2 Maxx Air fans.

Bigger fridge – The 28SS has a 9 cubic ft refrigerator vs 7 cubic ft in the VIew

Much more cargo carrying capacity – 3,223 lbs in 28SS vs 1,077 lbs in the View

Much more fresh water tank capacity – 78 gallons of fresh water in the 28SS vs 30 gallons of fresh water in The View

Trailer hitch 10,000 tow lbs in the 28SS vs 5,000 lb hitch in The View

Backup AND Side View cameras in the 28SS and The View only had 1 backup camera

Bigger more power engine – The 28SS has a 6.7L Turbo Diesel with 360hp and 800 ft-lbs of torque and the View has a 3.0L 188 hp

What We Sacrificed with selling the View and Buying a 28SS

Big kitchen – The View certainly has one of the best and biggest kitchens in an RV we have seen under 32’. I love to cook and this will certainly be a great feature I will sorely miss.

RV Size – the View is approximately 5’ shorter than the 28SS which does come in handy with some parking lots and campgrounds

Ladder to roof – the View had a permanent attached ladder and the 28SS has none. This means we had to buy a ladder and store it in the basement storage area to be able to access the roof to clean solar panels, etc.

Skylight – the View has a terrific skylight which lets in a lot of light and great fresh air. The 28SS has none.

Money – Of course, the 28SS costs much more than the View (at least compared to what we paid in 2019). Ouch!

Cab to chassis mobility – With the View it is extremely easy to get from the cab to the chassis.  In the 28SS going from the cab to the chassis requires some flexibility, crawling, and gymnastics.  Many people stop the vehicle and get out via the cab doors and walk around to the RV door to get from cab to house.

Fuel Economy – the View Sprinter provides great fuel economy especially if you are not pulling a tow vehicle.

In the end we are glad we made this purchase and we are ready for our next set of adventures!

Next Up – Organizing and reading the manuals

A few manuals

But first…..

Time to toast our new RV!

In the meantime……

Norm’s New T-Shirt!

Note: We are rebranding. We will always be “Those Young Guys” but now we are also “Sub and The 5”. Our Instagram handle and our website names will reflect it.

All 3 will take you to the same familiar place!


  1. Thank you very interesting, not feasible for me but I do like your new unit. I’ll have to stick with my 2016 24J for one person it Is everything I need. Wellll a more comfortable bed would be welcomed for sure. I’ll try to work on that and leveling Jacks. I very much appreciate all your comments. Safe travels. Jack Russell the two legged terrier. This is not a duplicate comment despite your site reaction.

    1. Thanks!! A 24J is a great unit and I am sure you enjoy. It really is about the journey and not the rig, right? Enjoy!!!

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