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Let Me Introduce you to Jake and Elwood

My husband surprised me last Valentine’s Day with a whopper of a gift, Jake and Elwood. Love, love, love my husband. I had been talking about getting some for quite awhile and lo and behold….

Those Young Guys WaveRunners
Jake and Elwood – Valentine’s Day

It was winter time so of course we didn’t get a chance to try them out until spring. That gave my husband a few months to fix up/perform maintenance and all that stuff with the engines. They are about 8 years old so they needed a bit of work.

We decided to name them Jake and Elwood after my husband’s favorite movie, “The Blues Brothers”.  They do have unique personalities and we find that our family and friends choose their favorite depending on the kind of ride they are looking for.

Being old machines they don’t have all the fancy stuff that today’s “personal watercraft” have which suits us just fine. Plus they are smaller in size with a smaller engine. Again, suits us just fine. We doodle on them and just use them to explore. Kind of like having a small motorhome as we can go places with them that we can’t go with a boat such as narrow rivers/streams, water passageways, under overpasses that are pretty short, etc.

And with the plethora of waterways in northern Idaho the exploring is endless. Not only are there countless lakes but also lots of rivers.

Here’s some pictures of a trip around Hayden Lake in northern Idaho.


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