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Driving the Ingraham Trail – Northwest Territories

The Ingraham Trail, also known as Highway 4, extends east from Yellowknife all the way to Tibbitt Lake, about 70 kilometers. It is also known as the “Road to Resources”  into the interior of the Arctic.  There are a number of recreational activities along the trail with many lakes, territorial parks, and waterfalls. Hiking abounds as do bears and mosquitoes. Be prepared.  A beautiful, scenic, wilderness area not to be missed.  The hike to Cameron Falls is fantastic!
Link to Prelude Lake on Map in “Where We’ve Been”
Link to Cameron Falls on Map in “Where We’ve Been”
Link to Tibbitt Lake on Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Along Prosperous Lake
Rest stop along Ingraham Trail
Hiking to Cameron Falls
Steps along hike to Cameron Falls
Not a soul here at Cameron Falls
End of the road - Ingraham Trail
End of the road – Ingraham Trail – until winter

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