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MacMillen in the Highlands – Fort Davis, Texas

We love Fort Davis, Texas. One of our favorite destinations if you like nature, hiking, solitude, and small towns. The town has a few shops worth perusing such as the hat shop, the broom shop where they practice the art of old fashioned broom making, an ice cream store in a caboose, and the Fort Davis National Historic Site.  Fort Davis also has a great library which provides internet and inexpensive DVDs housed in a historic building that used to be the jail and courthouse.

On top of all that is the wonderful Davis Mountains State Park with lots of hiking and camping opportunities.

RV Park: MacMillen in the Highlands
Location: Fort Davis, Texas
Site: 22
Cost: $25.20
Services: FHU
Comments: A lovely little RV Park tucked away right by the town with beautiful, spanking clean, private bathrooms with showers.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Those Young Guys
Site 22
Fort Davis Texas
Site 22

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