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A bit of BC Cross Country Skiing

We decided to head to Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia for a bit of cross-country skiing. The weather forecast was looking perfect so we jumped on it. My husband is pretty much an expert at it having taught it in the military. Me, not so much. I downhill ski alot but my cross-country skills could be improved, by alot. I am fine on the flat areas but when we go down hills then I want to use them like downhill skis, NOT!

So we thought a few days of my husband giving me some instruction was in order. I won’t bore you with the long details of everything but the bottom line is we are still married. Isn’t there some saying about teaching your wife to drive or something like that. Oh well.

We had a great time and my skills improved somewhat (for cross country skiing) and our marital skills may have improved too!!! There are NO pictures of me going downhill!!!

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