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David Thompson Resort – Alberta & Upper Arrow Lake Ferry

After we left Rosebery Provencial Park we headed north to Upper Arrow Lake in British Columbia and drove the east side of the lake to Galena and boarded the ferry to Shelter Bay, British Columbia to cross Upper Arrow Lake. From there we proceeded on to Banff National Park and proceed to get in a massive traffic jam. Due to the lack of roads when, god forbid, an accident does occur then there is nothing else to do but wait it out.  This time it was about a 5 hour wait. Thank goodness for an RV. People in cars were really stranded with no food or restrooms anywhere.  Lots of people going in and out of the woods. People roller blading, throwing balls, walking their dogs, etc.

This is about our third time being stuck in traffic jams in Banff in the summer due to accidents. Be careful out there!

Campground: David Thompson Resort
Location: Alberta along David Thompson Highway
Cost: $24 (CAD)
Services: Dry camp
Comments: A very large RV park with a campground feel yet some close quarters with your neighbors. It can be crowded at times especially if there are any road closures in Banff along Columbia Icefields Parkway. We have been stranded here on several occasions due to accidents and road closures. But is is right on the water, is a full service resort, and it has a close proximity to Banff and Jasper.
Link to David Thompson Resort on Map in “Where We’ve Been”
Link to Upper Arrow Lake Ferry on Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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