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Motorcycle Ride – Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, & Slab City – California

Another great day for a motorcycle ride while staying at Anza Borrego. We decided to take the motorcycle and make a counter clockwise journey all the way around Salton Sea. We headed east on Hwy 78 towards the Sea and then turned to the south. We thought we might as well head on over to Salvation Mountain and check out this place we had been hearing so much about. It was great fun!

Those Young Guys - Salvation Mountain
Entrance sign – Norm in the background


And then on over to Slab City. We had to check out this place and see what all the fuss was about. We had read and seen photos of the great theater outdoors and all the camaraderie and community spirit that one feels here.  This definitely looks like a place where you could meet some interesting people and have lots of stories to tell.

Next we headed on north up the east side of the Salton Sea into the State Recreation Area (SRA). We wanted to check out all the campgrounds in the SRA to determine if we wanted to return in our rig.  Our first stop was at Salt Creek Beach. There is a day use area there so we decided to stop and enjoy our picnic lunch.

Those Young Guys - Salton Sea SRA
Salt Creek beach Day Use Area
Those Young Guys - Salton Sea SRA
Salt Creek Beach

If you enjoy bird watching this place is fantastic.  In winter there are tons of White Pelicans, birds that we never get tired of seeing.

Those Young Guys - Salton Sea SRA
White Pelicans

And the view from the beach is wonderful!

Those Young Guys - Salton Sea SRA
Great view of the Salton Sea at Salt Creek Beach

After lunch we rode around the campground and checked out the big rig RV sites (all drycamp). Wow, some of the waterfront sites were incredible but there were only about 4 that were perfect and seeing as this campground is a first come first serve you may not have any luck at getting one of those prime spots. But we KNOW we would love one of them. They are a bit close together but the view and the bird watching cannot be beat! We’ll be back!

Those Young Guys - Salton Sea SRA
Salt Creek Beach Campground


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