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Fixing side door delamination – Alfa See Ya Motorhome

Yep, we encountered a bit of delamination on a few of our side doors on our motorhome. We think it happened last winter when we had to make an emergency trip to the snowy, cold north and the doors must have had water in them and then froze. Boom, there you go, some delamination appeared on one side and just on the driver side basement doors.

Those Young Guys - Alfa See Ya Motorhome - Delamination
Signs of delamination
Those Young Guys - Alfa See Ya Motorhome - Delamination
More bullet holes (delamination)

After a bit of researching fixes on the internet I encountered someone who was having their siding redone on their class A and getting a full paint job in Indiana. They live in Seattle and would be driving their rig through northern Idaho and graciously (oh so graciously) offered to bring some panel pieces to use, free of charge. No Kidding!  Apparently when the siding is redone there are leftover panel pieces from the window cutouts.

So, lo and behold, we receive an email that they were on their way and would arrive at our house in a few days. Yes, they were going to deliver the panel pieces directly to our front door, free of charge. Holy Cow!

The panels appeared and we, of course, offered them a spot on our driveway to park for the night and took them out to dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now to get down to the task of doing the repairs!

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