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Center Market Square and The Mall – Borrego Springs, California

One of the great things about Borrego Springs is that it is one of the few places in America that hasn’t been hit with “strip malls”. You may love the convenience and prices of strip malls but it sure destroys the atmosphere and the uniqueness of a place. What Borrego lacks in strip malls it makes up for in cute, quaint, charming shops and restaurants. Love small towns!

There are two main shopping centers in town, the Center Square Market which houses, you guessed it, the Center Square Market (the local grocery store), amongst a variety of other stores. Directly across the street is The Mall which houses another small grocery, a few small restaurants, and a variety of interesting shops to browse through.

This year Borrego Springs had their own film festival. What a blast it was. If you are in town during the event be sure to stop by and check out a few films. They show the films at the theater at Center Market Square in the back of the square next to the Center Market!

Those Young Guys - Borrego Springs California
Borrego Springs Film Festival 2014 – we had a great time!


Loved “Three Dead Husbands” by Susan diRende filmed in Borrego Springs at the Desert Sands. It was hysterical, quite enjoyable and if you know Borrego it was quite humorous! Fun!!  She also gave out free DVDs of her movie “Life on a Leash” which is an adorable movie if you like dogs. Brought to you by BroadHumor.

All in all a great film presentation in a small town!

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