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Alamo Lake State Park – Wenden, Arizona

To get here you drive north from Wenden, Arizona on Alamo Rd, there is one main way in and one way out. There are some other roads such as Wickenburg Rd but we are not sure if they are paved or not. We drove the Salome Hwy off of I-10 to Wenden and both that highway and Alamo Rd were full of cattle. There were warning signs about every 100 ft or so and yes, they were there! No stinking Class A is going to stop them!

Alamo Lake State Park Arizona
Lots of cattle all over the road

And as we got closer and closer you could start seeing the lake from the distance. Just beautiful.  Welcome to Alamo Lake, beautiful, just beautiful!

Alamo Lake State Park Arizona
Alamo Lake

There are multiple “camp areas” at this campground. Camp areas A and B have sites situated close together and some sites have hookups. Camp area C (where we stayed) have larger sites with a bit more space and trees and also include water and electric. Camp area D is for tenters.  Camp area E is dry camping, more open with no trees, spread out and closer to the lake. We checked them all out and thought that if we returned we would probably stay either in Campground E or boondock at the Alamo Wildlife Area (see below).

Here’s another one of those “elusive campground maps” showing the different camping areas.

Alamo Lake State Park Campground Map
Alamo Lake State Park Campground Map

Campground: Alamo Lake State Park
Location: Wenden, Arizona and keep heading north for about 40 miles
Site: C28 (Loop C – see map above)
Cost: $22.71
Services: W/E
Comments: A beautiful campground with outstanding views of the lake and the mountains. The park definitely has a feel of being a place for fishermen and off-roaders. If you don’t have a fishing pole or a quad you may feel left out. We almost went out and bought an ATV right then and there!
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Most of the area is devoted to off-roading so formal hiking (actual trails) is basically non-existent but you can just hike wherever you want. There are wild burros around so you will hear them at night.  The burros have made trails all around so you can try and follow those if you want to hike. Watch out for rattlesnakes.  We did some hiking and some 4wd’ing and quite enjoyed the peacefulness and serenity.

One of our first stops, besides checking out all the campground loops, and the General Store, was Alamo Dam at the Bill Williams Overlook area. There is a great viewpoint there where you can get a good feel of your surroundings. The dam is at the Bill Williams River which runs from the Colorado River over by Parker, Arizona.

We couldn’t resist but try some of the quad trails with our 4WD. We knew we could probably not fit on some of the trails but why not just try and see where we can go and explore a bit. Are we glad we did. It was really great.  A quad would have given us some much more opportunity to get places but we still had a blast.

We explored the area next to the State Park which is full of boondockers called the “Alamo Wildlife Area”.  It was a bit crowded close to the water but if you move further back you get great privacy and fantastic views.  Next time!

Alamo Wildlife Area

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed this place but if we go back we need a boat or a canoe or a quad!

Until next time!

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