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Calico Ghost Town – California

Campground: Calico Ghost Town
Location: Calico, California
Site: A-17
Cost: $37.50
Services: FHU
Comments: Fine place for doing laundry and grocery shopping but a bit crowded and busy with locals and their off-roading and lots of little parties. The site was very narrow and a bit short but we managed. They do have campfire pits but they are right up next to the next motorhome. A bit scary. Ghost Town is quaint and included in the price of your camping. There was loud partying (music, loud voices) going on in the evening and a bit past the quiet time (10pm) but by 10:15pm the park was as quiet as could be.

Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

Those Young Guys
Site A-17 before the neighbors arrive

More images of Calico

Whenever I find a campground map that I can’t find on the internet and/or they don’t have paper copies then I try to get a picture of them so I will have them for a reference. Here’s one that was posted by the campground office. Sorry for the quality but it was behind glass.

I call them my “elusive campground maps”!

Calico Ghost Town Campground Map
Campground Map of Calico Campground

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