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Elks Lodge 249 – Moscow, Idaho

Don’t you ever just want to stop for the night but can’t find a place to park a big rig?

After driving all day in the pouring rain and wind we were ready to stop.  Temperatures were dropping and the rain was soon to become sleet and ice.

Welcome to beautiful Moscow, Idaho, home of the Vandals at University of Idaho. A wonderful small town in the Paulouse region of the Columbia River plateau with a population just over 20,000.  There are quite a number of parks and bike trails and it also is in close proximity to Washington State University just across the border in Pullman, Washington.

But, are there any RV Parks or campgrounds? NO!  We drive through this area frequently but never spend the night but this time we were ready to call it quits.  There is one RV Park on the southern edge of town but they have short sites and your back end hangs out on the highway (almost). We decided to try the Latah County Fairgrounds, right in town, which we read has 5 sites.  It was pouring rain, lots of traffic (for a small town) and the Fairgrounds had a fair number of vehicles/people around.  We finally found the 5 sites but they seemed to have trailers/vehicles sitting in all of them like they were being stored. We tried calling the fairgrounds office but it was Friday afternoon and no answer.

Next stop, the Elks Lodge. I tried calling them a few times and no answer so we decided to just drive over there.  They are located just east of town and of course, you need to be an Elk to stay there.  The Elks Lodge in Moscow has an RV Park and their own golf course. We arrived and found a few women working in the closed restaurant. The Lodge was closed for the season, including the RV Park, but they told us to park anywhere and do what we needed for the night. The sites are on the grass and the grass was soggy and a bit flooded. The groundskeeper (think “Caddyshack” – wink, wink) came out and recommended we stay in the parking lot instead of the flooded grass and then he proceeded to spend almost an hour with my husband in the pouring rain trying to get some power for us cause it was going to be a cold night. Success….Gotta love those Elks!
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Moscow Elks
Moscow Elks

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