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Motorcycle Ride – Liberty Lake, Washington

Another beautiful day for a motorcycle ride. Can you say “School’s Out for Summer.”?  Today is the last day of school for many kids in this area so we thought we should take advantage of peace and quiet before the roar of summer!

We decided to head out to Post Falls, Idaho south of the Spokane River and head on into the state of Washington and ride around Liberty Lake.

We started out with a beautiful sky with scattered clouds.

Those Young Guys - Hayden Idaho
An artistic sky – beautiful!
Those Young Guys - Post Falls, Idaho
Riverview Dr south of the Spokane River
Those Young Guys - Post Falls, Idaho
Driving through the southern part of Post Falls


It wasn’t long before we hit the border of Washington and boom, there we are in Liberty Lake. We decided to drive around the west side of the lake and then back again to the east side of the lake. Unfortunately, the road does not go all the way around the lake so there is some backtracking to do. But it is a small lake so it doesn’t take much time.

Those Young Guys - Liberty Lake, Washington
Liberty Lake as seen from the motorcycle

We decided to have our picnic lunch at the Liberty Lake Regional Park and check out the campground while we were there. We met the camp host, Joe, and talked awhile about the campground and RVing. Both him and his wife are full-timers and have been for about 6 years. They spend most of their time volunteering in the south in the winter and the north in the summer. They have spent the past few winters in Yuma volunteering and now are at Liberty Lake. The campground looked nice and peaceful with lots of hiking trails. We are not sure how the crowds are in the summer due to the close proximity to a major city, Spokane. Since it was Joe’s first summer hosting here he wasn’t sure either. But the majority of visitors would probably be day use.

After lunch and a tour of the campground we headed back over the border and into Post Falls.  Some great old buildings in the Pleasantview area.

Homeward Bound!

Those Young Guys - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Back home – that’s Lake Coeur d’Alene!


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