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Edberg, Alberta

Edberg is a small town in central Alberta about 34 km south of Camrose and 119km south of Edmonton. It lies on the prairie with rolling foothills and plenty of productive agriculture and farming. The landscapes are breathtaking and definitely worth a drive around the outskirts of town to soak in the wonderful farm and country life.

One of the many interesting facts about Edberg is it is known as being one of the first villages west of Ontario to have its own water and sewer system. The town itself still has a few houses, a church, a community hall, and nice heritage park and just a charming small town feel.


 Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

While there we were lucky enough to have relatives that let us boondock on their farm land. Other boondocking stays there have allowed us some moose sightings which is always fun. How great is it to have the land to stay on AND not only do they feed you 3 meals a day, wine and dine you, give you fresh veggies from their garden BUT they also help with a few little chores that Norm finds difficult to do by himself. Either he doesn’t have the right tools or it is a 2 man job. A little bit of work on the toad and the motorhome. Just minor stuff. Thanks guys!

Edberg Alberta


Edberg Alberta

The vegetable garden.

Edberg Alberta
We were lucky enough to get some of this stuff!


  1. Amazing what a few great minds can fix when they get together. Straight out of the manual for sure:)

    What a gorgeous garden!! Nothing better than fresh veggies…yum:)

    1. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fresh veggies. We especially love beet greens which, for us, are so hard to get at the grocery. They always seem a bit old and scraggly when we shop. But fresh from the garden, WOW!

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