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Zion National Park – South Campground and Watchman Campground

Zion National Park has two campgrounds for RVs, both located by the South Entrance Visitor Center. The South Campground is actually just directly “north” of the Visitor Center and the Watchman Campground is just directly “south” of the Visitor Center.

Only the Watchman Campground accepts reservations and if you don’t have a reservation then don’t plan on getting a site. Even in the off-season in November they were full (they did have tent sites available). Loops A and B provide hookups for RVs. There are about 183 sites over multiple loops. There is a dump station there also.

The South Campground has some large, level, dirt, dry camping pull-thrus for big rigs but it is first-come first-served and during the late fall (November) they close half of the campground so finding a site which is level and large is difficult. This campground has about 126 sites.

We had no luck at finding a site at either campground in November. If you are a small rig or a tent you shouldn’t have a problem in the late fall. In the summer, who knows, I bet it is packed full. Many of the site photos below are of sites which are closed, hence the sites are empty.

Both campgrounds offer spectacular scenery and are easy walking distance to the Visitor Center and of course, both offer a great location for exploring Zion National Park.

South Campground Photos


Watchman Campground Photos


On a side note, we noticed two deer running around the Visitor Center seeming to not give a darn about humans. Obviously they are habituated and are used to being fed by humans. Please don’t feed the wildlife. As we were wandering around the South Campground we noticed the deer coming into a non-vacant campsite and helping themselves to the campers’ food. The campers stood by and watched as a deer ate a banana and the plastic bag until a park ranger came over and shoo’ed the deer away. Bad campers…don’t feed the wildlife. Maybe the campers were a bit scared or intimidated, we weren’t sure. We had the same problem with chipmunks and squirrels in the park when we would stop for a lunch break. They pestered, pestered, pestered, as they had obviously been fed before. It was quite annoying.


On another side note…would we love one of these? Global Xpeditions…almost as good as an EarthRoamer. We are there!!

Global Expedition Vehicles
Yep…we’ll take one

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