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House Hunting – Hurricane, Utah

Yep, he is doing it again, looking for houses. Everywhere we go, it seems my husband wants to go house shopping, especially if it involves big garages.

Hurricane has several new housing developments, one in particular, called Dixie Springs which has new homes with RV garages. It is located next to Sand Hollow State Park. Some of the homes have great views but you would have to be careful in choosing your lot (if you are building) since all the homes haven’t been built yet so you can’t be sure if your view would eventually be obstructed. Our understanding is this development does not have any associated HOA fees.


Another beautiful development is Sky Mountain in the north of Hurricane, up on a ridge, with outstanding views for the northern most houses. It is a golf course community with a pool and of course, HOA fees. We only saw one RV garage which was kind of small but we saw several empty lots with fabulous views but did not see any for sale. Darn.


Moving a bit further west is the development of Peregrine Pointe. Not many houses there yet and none with RV garages but wow, what views you could have.


Oh well….the search continues. What are we searching for?  We don’t know, we just always keep our eyes open, you just never know.


  1. Your hubby sounds like my hubby…RV garages are always on his mind! I have a cousin in Lake Havasu City whose garage is about the same square footage as the house…Lots of RV garages in that town.

    1. Funny. My husband would prefer the RV garage to be 3 or 4 times larger than the house. Actually, he says, who needs a house…just a big garage and a mattress on the floor. Geez….

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