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Lake Mead National Recreation Area – Historic Railroad Trail

This is a nice, easy, scenic, and historic 3.7 mile trail (each way) from the Alan Bible Visitor Center at Lake Mead Recreation Area to Hoover Dam.  It is a dirt, gravel, sand path which can be either walked or ridden on a bicycle. Due to the nature of the trail, riding a bicycle a mountain bike is preferable but can be ridden using any kind of bike. Don’t be surprised if you spin your wheels now and then while riding in the sand!

Lake Mead - Historic Railroad Trail
Trail Map

The trail is an old railroad track from 1931 which provided train travel providing the supplies necesary to build Hoover Dam.

The trail provides 5 tunnels to go through and skims the side of Lake Mead with fantastic views of both the lake and the surrounding mountains.


Upon arrival at the dam area you can park your bikes (don’t forget your bike locks) and either head up to the Bridge which provides oustanding views back to the dam or head on over to the dam and visit the Visitors Center and walk across the top of the dam and look down, down, down the dam wall.


Then you head back the way you came, slipping and sliding in the sand, and loving every minute of the beautiful scenery. A nice, relaxing day.


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