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Giant Redwoods RV And Camp – Myers Flat, California

We headed north on Hwy 101 from Willits on up to Myers Flat in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park area. For the most part, Hwy 101 is not real bad as far as tight curves and narrow roads, those qualities that people who drive big rigs don’t like too much. But there is a 9-mile section north of Leggett (where Hwy 1 joins Hwy 101) that has lots of narrow corners. There is also a section along Richardson Grove State Park with some tight areas. We somehow managed to keep our rear view mirrors, not sure how, as some parts of the road have trees right on the edge of the road. We did see broken mirrors on the road in places. It’s no problem if nobody else is on the road.

Hwy 101 - Richardson Grove State Park
A couple of narrow, tight corners with trees right there.


But we made it safely to Myers Flat. Myers Flat is located right in the heart of Humboldt Redwoods State Park right by Avenue of the Giants and along the South Fork Eel River. It is right off Hwy 101 and very easy to find. We thought the location of Myers Flat would give us direct access to exploring and hiking through the redwoods and we were right.


I believe the park is under new management and under going some changes for the positive.  Most of the park was closed due to some kind of renovations (maybe new sewer lines?) so we were unable to really grasp the feel of the park. On the campground map there appears to be lots of sites of various sizes and they offer full hookups, electric only, and dry camping. The rim of the park provides tent sites along the river which look wonderful.

Upon check-in, the staff was extremely friendly but due to a new reservation system it took them quite awhile, over 30 minutes, to get our reservation typed in and printed out. It required me spending some time over the monitor to figure out how to reapply the Good Sam discount (she applied it multiple times and then deducted it) and to get the receipt printed. It took 3 credits/charges to the credit card to get it worked out. Hopefully, this problem/training will be fixed before their peak season hits, which is soon. They told me they are full pretty much all of spring, summer, and fall.

RV Park: Giant Redwoods RV and Camp
Location: Myers Flat, California
Site: 7 (pull-thru)
Cost: $32.70
Services: FHU
Comments: An OK RV park with sites packed in close together. Checking in took over 30 minutes due to a new reservation system. Even though our site was pull-through when it came time to leave we had to back out due to the tightness of the site and the corner to turn. There was more than enough space to back out. The park was quiet and peaceful and everyone was friendly.


We did notice quite a few license plates not from California which seems to be a rare sighting. Most places we  stayed in central and northern California seemed to be almost all Californians.

Myers Flat is not as prosperous as other little towns you might come across. It is, however, centrally located to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the visitors center, Avenue of the Giants, and some of the other charming towns in the area. Myers Flat does have a small market, a couple restaurants, and a drive-thru tree, one of the many in Humboldt county.  And, as I know you are dying to know, yes, the RV Park does have a few giant redwoods.

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