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Picacho Peak State Park – Arizona

Picacho Peak State Park - Arizona
Along Sunset Vista Trail

Picacho Peak is right off I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson which makes it a handy place to stop, rest, hike, and relax before heading on to the next destination.


Campground: Picacho Peak State Park
Location: Picacho, Arizona
Site: B18
Cost: $25
Services: E (50 AMP), W
Comments: A lovely site with nice views but a little close to I-10. Although the noise was not overwhelming it could still be heard in the background.  Easy access to hiking trails.  The campground WiFi provided by Aire Beam never worked during our entire stay. We had immediately called them and filed a ticket and they called back a few times but they never got it working, i.e., billing page could not be found.


The park is known for the hike (or rather climb) to Picacho Peak.  People come from all over to try their hand at climbing this peak with the aid of cables which were installed there in the early 1930s to provide assistance to the work crew maintaining antennas atop the peak.  Dare if you like and just hope the cables are tight and secure.

There are two ways up to the peak, either start with Hunter Trail which starts on the north side of the mountain and goes straight up. Or head over to the southwest side of the mountain and take the Sunset Vista trail which is a bit longer but a bit more gradual at the start.

We choose Sunset Vista Trail for our first hike and turned around before we got to the cables.  A lovely hike.


We also hiked Calloway Trail, the Nature Trail, and the Memorial Loop.  Calloway leads to an overlook. From the trail we could watch hikers head up Hunter Trail and on over the top of the mountain to the peak. It looks so easy when you watch people, doesn’t it?





  1. We are on our way there Dec 8th. Stay and wait for us:) We are hoping to hike to the top!! Last year when we were there I had a pinched nerve that caused me to lose use of my left leg for awhile. I sat for a week and looked at the peak! This year better work out:)

    1. Darn…we won’t be there then. That should would have been great! And doing the hike together!! Enjoy and good luck! A tough hike but simple for you guys!

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