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Historic Route 66 RV Campground – Seligman, Arizona

Otherwise known as “Getting our Kicks on Route 66”!


We decided to stay in Seligman a few nights to spend some time exploring Route 66. There are only 2 RV parks in the area either the KOA which is right next to the railroad tracks and further out of town or the Historic Route 66 General Store RV Campground which is a bit farther from the tracks but right in town.  We decided to stay at the General Store to allow us easy access to the shops and restaurants and some of the historic memorabilia.

Campground: Historic Route 66 RV Campground
Location: Seligman, Arizona (behind the Historic Route 66 General Store)
Site: C3
Cost: $30
Services: FHU (50 AMP)
Comments: A basic RV park on Route 66 behind the general store. The trains did come by frequently but didn’t keep us awake. We wouldn’t want to live there full time but for a few nights it was no problem. The store employees were extremely friendly and helpful.


There are a variety of business establishments with souvenirs, memorabilia, food, free coffee, and friendly people within walking distance of the RV campground. A fun way to spend a day or two.


Route 66 heads west to Kingman through Peach Springs where you can drive Diamond Creek Rd about 19 miles north to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. It is known as the only place where you can drive to the river in the Grand Canyon. BUT, it goes through tribal land and you have to purchase a permit for about $30 a person. The road is not maintained and descends about 3500′ or so and the last 2 miles can be underwater as Diamond Creek can run over the road and the area is known for flash flooding.  We drove to the start of the road and since it was a bit rainy out we decided not to purchase a permit and not drive the road. We saved it for another day.

Diamond Creek Rd
Start of the Diamond Creek Rd down to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

A few days before heading to Seligman we visited Oatman, Arizona along Route 66 which is southwest of Kingman.  This old mining town is known for the burros that hang out around town. NADA! None. We waited for quite awhile and never saw a burro. We DID see evidence that they had been in town.

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