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Rockhouse Trail – Borrego Springs, California

We left Quartzsite after the RV Big Tent and headed west on I-10 and then south on 78 towards Borrego Springs. The weather had been quite windy and cold but the dunes still did not disappoint.


We came into Borrego Springs from the south and the sky was dark and cloudy due to the storms (which is helping tremendously with the drought).  The mountains had a bit of snow cover on top of them.


As of summer/fall of 2015, much of the great boondocking area off Rockhouse Canyon Trail has been closed off so the pickings are limited. We drove over in the tow vehicle to check out the area due to the recent rain and floods. WOW, looks like a whole different place.


We decided to park in one of the boondocking areas just east of Rockhouse where it was a bit drier.  There are a few boondocking spots to the north of S22 that are a bit close to the road for us but there was no one else there so we grabbed it and we had lovely views.



The area, overall, is much less crowded than previous years probably due to the closure of massive areas of boondocking land. The town, the restaurants, the library, etc. all seem less busy. Although we understand this closure is to help the environment we still hope it doesn’t hurt the Borrego Springs economy. WE will still keep pumping money into the town.


During our week or two there the ground started to dry up some and we took our usual hikes in the hills above Peg Leg and also down by Clark Dry Lake.


And, as usual, we had a few pleasant sunsets.


We returned to Rockhouse Trail area a few weeks later after staying in the State Park campground and this time parked off Rockhouse Trail. It was basically the same spot we parked at last year. A little more crowded than our site off S22 a few weeks earlier but we had a campfire ring and no road noise.  Still a perfect time.

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