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Hi Jolly BLM – Quartzsite, Arizona

Boondocking at it’s finest …. in Quartzsite!

Hi Jolly BLM Quartzsite Arizona
Entrance to Hi Jolly BLM

We have boondocked all over the Quartzsite area with the last being Plomosa Rd BLM. This time we decided to check our Hi Jolly BLM which is about 3 miles north of I-10 to the east of Hwy 95. The road on Google Maps is called Rd 244 which runs east.

As soon as you pull in you can park anywhere and find the host and register. It is free for 14 days and the host provides you with a tag to hang in your window with the expiration date. It is a perfect way to get out and enjoy the desert for free.


We stayed at Hi Jolly (on the north side of Rd 244) after the holidays and before the RV Big Tent show therefore the area was not crowded at all. We had our choice of many fine spots along with great sunsets and a full moon! And while most of the nation was trying to survive frigid temperatures, we were busy trying to cool down!


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