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Flagstaff, Arizona – Out and About

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Visitor Center

The visitor’s center is across the street from Bonito Campground and within easy walking distance. It is a small facility but filled with interesting facts and a short movie about the volcano.


Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

After you depart the visitor’s center you are in the park with various stops along Loop Road with hikes through lava fields, viewpoints, and a views of Sunset Crater. You are not allowed to hike up the crater but you can hike O’Leary trail and get a view down to Sunset Crater. The volcanic rock is sharp in places and the cinder is like walking in sand. Wear appropriate shoes.


Wupaki National Monument

As you continue north on Loop Road you leave Sunset Crater National Monument and drive though Coconino National Forest for a distance until you reach Wupaki National Monument which has a variety of pueblo ruins you can tour along with their own visitor center.


Flagstaff Buffalo Park

The Flagstaff area has network of trails throughout the city called the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS).  The network is currently about 56 miles but is planned to be over 130 miles.  Buffalo Park in the northern part of Flagstaff has its own set of trails but is also part of FUTS and has sweeping views of the San Francisco Peaks.


Flagstaff Historic Downtown

The historic portion of downtown Flagstaff has quite a few interesting restaurants, shops, and sights to see such as tourists on Segways, brewing operations, and Amtrak trains coming and going.  The town is easy to navigate and parking is plentiful but there are parking fees with easy to pay kiosks scattered everywhere.  The historic Hotel Monte Vista is known to be haunted. We enjoyed a coffee in the Rendezvous coffee shop/cocktail lounge and didn’t notice any spirits hanging around us but you never know.

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