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My Old Kentucky Home State Park – Bardstown, Kentucky

“My Old Kentucky Home” is a song written by Stephen Foster in 1853 and still sung today as the Kentucky Derby anthem. The State Park is located in Bardstown, Kentucky and has a campground, golf course, and the old mansion called Federal Hill which was owned by state senator John Rowan in 1795.


The campground seems to have a bit of negative reviews regarding the sites not being level and the hookups for water and electric being quite a distance away. We almost didn’t stay at this park because of the number of negative reviews. But the campground is in Bardstown and very close to bourbon distilleries, the town itself, and Federal Hill so we decided to just buck up and deal with it.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park Kentucky
Around the campground


We were quite pleasantly surprised. Yes, the sites are not completely flat but nor at they absolutely terrible (or even “severe” as Reserve America  itself classifies some of their sites).  Reserve America also details the distance to the water and electric hookups for each site. Yes, you may spend some time leveling and adding extensions for hookups (or just go without them) but it depends on the length of your rig and the length and levelness of the site (of course).  Many of them looked fine but looks (as can photos) can be deceiving.

Campground: My Old Kentucky Home State Park
Location: Bardstown, Kentucky
Site: 2 (back-in)
Cost: $29
Services: Electric/Water (30 AMP)


Here’s a few  photos of some of the other sites. It is difficult to see how level they are but in some you can see the hookup locations.


The campground is right next to the golf course so you do have a few nice views of the fairways and some golf carts running around.


The Federal Hill Mansion is at My Old Kentucky Home State Park and has a visitor center and tours where you can see the inside of the mansion and hear the tour guides sing “My Old Kentucky Home”.


The state park is located in Bardstown with easy access to many of the bourbon distilleries.


Just south of the campground is the Bourbon Heritage Center which is part of Heaven Hill Distillery. It was under restoration when we visited so we did not get the full impact but it might be a very interesting place to visit.


  1. Looks like you’re enjoying the new smaller rig. I bet it is much easier to maneuver and fit into just about any site. Happy trails!

    1. We sure are enjoying it especially the further we go east where it gets more crowded. AND we can fit in almost any site!!! Thanks!

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