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Prince Edward Island – Out and About


Charlottetown is the capital of the Canada province of Prince Edward Island with a population of around 36,000 people. It is known as the birthplace of the Confederation because it hosted the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 which spurred the country’s birth. It is a charming city with quaint streets and wonderful buildings full of restaurants and shopping and lots of history.


The streets are full of brightly colored houses and many historic buildings.


Charlottetown is a great walking city and has a nice waterfront area next to Confederation Landing park.


Victoria Row is a pedestrian street with lots of quaint shops and outdoor eating areas. It is next to the Confederation Centre of the Arts and the Province House National Historic Site.


The streets has lots of intesting statues, sculptures, and art work.


What happens in Charlottetown, stays in Charlottetown!

Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada
Oh no…..not again



PEI was full of lupines, everywhere, while we were there. Lupines love cool, moist environments.


North Rustico Harbour

North Rustico Harbour is on the north side of PEI and is also known, by the locals, as “The Crick”.  It is a small fishing village which just became a town in 2013.  Lobster fishing is it’s main focus and has a variety of restaurants.


French River

Fresh River is a quaint, charming fishing village situated on New London Bay and is the most painted panorma on PEI. There is an overlook where you can view French River and the beautiful surrounding countryside.


Needless to say, Prince Edward Island is a beautiful location to visit, full of charm, scenery, great seafood, and lots of activities.

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