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Dick’s RV Park – Great Falls, Montana

We headed south from Dinosaur Provincial Park towards the US border. Along the way we stopped at the Milk River Alberta visitor center for our lunch in the RV. Milk River sits close to the US/Canada border hence the visitor center.  It was time to get out and check out the dinosaur!!


Off we went towards the US border. We had been in Canada for almost 3 months and it was time to head back to home sweet home. We have crossed here a number of times before (Coutts, Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana) and we are usually through the line up in about 3 minutes so we thought this would be quick. We were wrong, so wrong! We spent well over an hour in line and car/trucks were lined up for a mile or more. We had no idea what was going on but when we got up to the border agent we spent maybe 15 seconds with him and we were off!  Back to home sweet home!!


We decided to drive on to Great Falls and to spend the night. As we drove through northern Montana the smell of harvest was in the air, combines were out in full force, hay was being baled, and the sky was wide open. They don’t call it Big Sky country for nothing!


RV Park: Dick’s RV Park
Location: Great Falls, Montana
Site: 68
Cost: $43.35
Services: FHU
Comments: A fine RV park for an overnight and also good for if you want to be right in town to visit the falls. Some other reviews mentioned it was in a sketchy part of town with some undesirables roaming around but we did not see that (although it is very close to a bar not that there’s anything wrong with that). The staff was efficient and it appeared that some of the overnighter’s were heading home from Alaska due to the Rally/Tour stickers all over the vehicles.


The park certainly filled up quickly so by dinner time it was almost full. We guess it is a popular place to overnight for traveler’s as it is convenient and right off the interstate with long sites so you don’t have to unhook.

Dicks RV Park Great Falls Montana
A typical row of sites

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