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Pocatello KOA Journey – Pocatello, Idaho

Ahhh…welcome to Idaho! It’s been almost 2 years since we were in Idaho even though we lived there for over 10 years. It’s great to be back. Harvest was in full swing, you could smell it in the air, see it in the fields, and feel it in your bones. It’s good to be back!


We decided to spend a few nights in Pocatello and went round and round about where to stay and felt that the KOA would put us a bit further out of town and away from traffic noise. We were right, it did. The KOA is located on the north east side of town away from the interstate but still has easy access to everything Pocatello has to offer.


RV Park: Pocatello KOA Journey
Location: Pocatello, Idaho
Site: 33
Cost: $42.03
Services: E/W (dump on site)
Comments: A nicely maintained KOA with “more than normal” laundry facilities right by our RV,  a plus! But, the sites were rather close together. If you open your curtains and/or windows you are literally RIGHT NEXT to your neighbors! The park seemed to fill up every night with overnighter’s.


We spent a few days sight seeing around town. We have been through Pocatello many times before but have never spent much time there.  We wanted to head up to Red Hill and see the view and the infamous ISU (Idaho State University) Pillars, so off we went.


One of the things I have been wanting to do is visit the Museum of Clean in Pocatello. I have read various RV blogs over the years detailing this place and many people said it was a must stop. So, of course, we had to go. We were thrilled with it. It is a very interesting almost unbelievable place and well worth the time. AND they told us they would have allowed us to camp overnight in our RV in their parking lot.  They are part of Harvest Hosts. Unfortunately we were already set up and paid at the KOA so we did not take them up on it, but we would have had we known!


We were extremely lucky in the fact that the owner and the founder, Don Aslett (Google him), was there and he introduced himself and spent quite awhile with us. He showed us around, signed some books for us and gave them to us, and told us a bit about the history of the place. He is 84 years old now and a very kind and generous man with quite the background.


It is extremely difficult to explain the museum as it has a bit of everything. The vacuum collection on the upper floors is AMAZING!


There was also an assortment of various objects made from cleaning tools. Hmmm…


There was so much more there than I could possibly take pictures of and share. It was a really cool place. It even had an art gallery showing pictures of clean. There was also an auditorium upstairs for filming commercials, presentations, etc. There was a chair behind a pole so you could not see the stage and it had a sign that said , “Our Honored Critics Private Box Seat”.  Mr. Aslett has a terrific sense of humor which is displayed throughout the museum.

Pocatello Idaho Museum of Clean
“Our Honored Critics Private Box Seat”


By the end of the day we had earned the right to now be called Mr. and Mrs. Clean!


What a great town and a fun place to visit!

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