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Hi Jolly BLM – Quartzsite, Arizona

Welcome to Hi Jolly BLM! We have stayed in Quartzsite a number of times before but never in December. What a great time to be there.  The crowds are so much less than in January, February, and March. Wow, what a difference.

Information about Hi Jolly BLM can be found at one of our previous posts.


Campground: Hi Jolly BLM
Location: Quartzsite, Arizona (East of Hwy 95 about 3 miles north of I-10)
Site: NA
Cost: $0
Services: dry camp
Comments:  This BLM is for short term stays, 14 days, and offers close access to town. It is very convenient and perfect for an overnight stay. We stayed close to the entrance and traffic noise on Hwy 95 can be heard during the day but by night it was quiet.


We have been visiting Quartzsite nearly every year and not much has changed except for the owner of Reader’s Oasis Bookstore, Paul Winer, passing last May. It is not the same anymore without him. RIP.

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