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Blake Ranch RV Park – Kingman, Arizona

We have been lying in wait during the pandemic with social distancing and being careful and not traveling in the RV. We have also been waiting to see what has been happening with campgrounds throughout the country before we were to begin any kind of motorhome travel. Of course, our original plans went down the drain but we are used to change. We were even lucky enough to win “The Wave” lottery but it was during our state lockdown so we were unable to go!!!  So we sat home monitoring the situation, hiking our local preserve, and staying healthy!!


After watching and watching for parks to re-open we noticed that many state parks had re-opened yet many National Parks and Army Corps of Engineer campgrounds remained closed. After a month or 2 with some state park campgrounds being opened we decided to hit the road.

Stay home when ill – ALWAYS!!!

We packed enough food and supplies to not have to go to grocery stores for a long, long time. We had lots of masks ( both re-usable and disposable, disposable gloves, lots of hand sanitizer, surface wipes, medical supplies (including oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure meter, etc.), and a few months of reservations in state parks. Off we went!!

On the road again
On the road again

It was summer and we aren’t used to traveling in the south of the US during the high heats. We are usually way up north by this time but off we went in the cruel heat.  We planned our days for short drives and left early in the morning to try and beat the hottest part of the day (In the summer in Arizona that would be ALL day)!

We headed north though Wickenburg and through the Joshua Forest Parkway of Arizona (which always is beautiful if not dry)!


We continued on through the old town of Nothing (where there literally is Nothing to see) and Wikieup and on to Kingman!


Welcome to Blake Ranch!


Location: East of Kingman, Arizona on the north side of I-40
Site: 15 (Pull thru)
Cost: $49.95
Services: FHU
Comments:  A very nice RV park which is ideal for an overnight with easy access off I-40 with large pull thrus.
COVID Awareness: 10 out of 10! We had a reservation and the whole process was contactless. Perfect! We simply went up to the front door and there was out name with a small package with site number and park map, WiFi, etc.  We did not use the restrooms, laundry, or office so we cannot comment on those but their welcome email we received the day before explained the use of those rooms, cleaning methods and frequency, and use of masks. Thank you Blake Ranch!!

Blake Ranch RV Park - Site 15
Blake Ranch RV Park – Site 15

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